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Dear friends, this year that is drawing to a close has been particularly intense, having marked, in 2022, the 20th anniversary of the birth of Harambee Africa International. We wished to celebrate this milestone, last September, by gathering in Rome authoritative personalities engaged in the research and application of innovative solutions to the most current global social problems.
It was an opportunity to reflect, discuss and plan actions and strategies for the future (a brief report can be found at this link). It was a wonderful time to meet again and share the many small, big, achievements.

Let us move forward, then, with commitment and willingness to listen to our African partners, to face the difficult challenges that lie ahead together.

“I am because we are”, says the founding maxim of Ubuntu, an African philosophy; from this perspective, life is a relationship, it is a gift for which everyone is responsible and which must be preserved.
And it is with this wish that we extend to each of you our best wishes for a year of greater serenity and shared solidarity!

Harambee Africa International