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AWCY – Association of Working Children and Young


The project aims to address the issue of school dropout and marginalization of children with disabilities in the provinces of South Kivu and Tanganyika. Through an integrated approach, the program will provide shelter for 250 children who have dropped out of the school system, teacher training, school reintegration and vocational training, and family and community-based support.


  • 250 boys and girls ages 6-17 from South Kivu and Tanganyika from poverty-stricken backgrounds.
  • 200 families of the children, who will be organized into cooperatives.

Major Activities

  • Rehousing of 250 children in the education system.
  • Improved teaching quality for children with disabilities and in vulnerable situations.
  • 100 students returned to mainstream education system after psycho-physical support.
  • Support with essential teaching resources.
  • Inclusion of 50 students in soap making and cutting and sewing classes.
  • Formation of cooperatives with provision of essential materials.
  • Awareness campaigns and support for children with disabilities.
  • Encouragement of inclusion of children with disabilities at various levels.
  • Education on income-generating activities and access to credit funds.

Contribution Requested: 18.000 euro