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Association des Jeunes pour la Paix et l’Initiative de la Démocratie – AJPID asbl


In Congo, many deaf-mute children, youth and adults remain excluded from the mainstream education system. To address this challenge, AJPID founded the “La Providence School of the Deaf,” a special institute dedicated to educating the deaf and dumb, offering them the opportunity for proper education and access to vocational courses for better social and labor integration.


  • 115 people of different ethnicities.
  • Ages 6-15 for elementary school; 15-25 for secondary school; 16-25 for vocational cutting and sewing courses.

Major Activities

  • Specific materials for the education of deaf and dumb students.
  • Improvement of instructional spaces.
  • Purchase of School Benches and Kits.
  • Professional Courses in Cutting and Sewing

Contribution Requested: 18.000 euro