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Local Entity :
Kyoga Foundation
Harambee contribution: 26,325.00 €

Description of the project :
The general objective is to create a suitable work environment for senior-year high school and university students. The project aims at improving computer proficiency for students from the city of Kampala. It also involves assistance in the multidisciplinary development of youth between the ages of 19 and 23. Specific objectives involve the installation and equipping of a study room, located at the Bugala Study Centre, a CD Library, and the provision of 10 terminals for the computer room in order to offer short courses on using Internet for research. Ultimately, it implies the formation of young students in moral responsibility and the integral development of the person in a adequate study environment. Various activities have been forseen for the computer hall and consist in using the Internet as well as learning basic computer programs. It is expected that 240 students a year and more than 1000 will use the facilities. There will also be a programme on “Strengthen the Personality”, which about 240 young people participate in annually.