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Coordination Nationale des Ecoles Familiales Agricoles du Cameroun -CNEFAC
Non-profit association specialized in the training of young people and families through its network of family agricultural schools with experience in the pedagogy of alternating school-work.

In Cameroon, half of the population lives off agriculture; the sector still has a great deal of untapped potential, and could therefore become a reliable source of employment for young people who, lacking alternatives, are forced to migrate to the city, exposing themselves to serious risks of marginalization. At the same time, the preparation of young people is generally inadequate due to the poor quality of the training offered. Faced with this problem, families increasingly feel the need to actively participate in the education of their children. Hence, the birth (at the beginning of the 90s) of the “EFA -Family Agricultural School” networks.

The project will strengthen the training of parents’ associations that manage agricultural family schools in the regions of Fokamezo (West) and Kolara (Far North) in order to develop income-generating activities and to improve the functioning of agricultural institutes.

120 families in the selected areas

Harambee contribution
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