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Promoter Entity
National Coordination of Agricultural Families of Cameroon (CNEFAC)

In Cameroon, VET institutions receive only a small number of students and offer few courses at the expense of other important sectors of the economy. In the North, Far North and East regions, the educational offer for young people remains very low and unsuitable for the environment, especially in the agricultural sector. Therefore, current and future local family-owned farms need to be equipped with a skilled and timely workforce, ready to respond effectively to threats and food and agricultural emergencies. It is in this context that, since 2004, CNEFAC has been offering an alternative agricultural vocational training offer in Cameroon, through the Agricultural Family Schools (EFA): a comprehensive training strategy for young people and their parents – parallel training – to respond effectively to the need for skilled labour, now needed for efficient family farms and agro-pastoral and rural businesses.

The project consists in the organization and implementation of agro-pastoral training courses for parents of EFA students (Ecoles Familiales Agricoles) in the Cameroonian regions of East, West, North and Far North. The training will take place in monthly modules lasting 12 months on the basis of the training needs previously identified by the local families themselves, in collaboration with the pedagogical delegates of the CNEFAC.

Direct target group: 50 parents of students enrolled in the modular courses

Harambee contribution: 7,000 Euro