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Promoter: Monkole Hospital, Kinshasa, RDC

The Clinic provides medical care to mothers and children in the rural area around Kinshasa.
Harambee contribution in 2006 : 45,0000 euro.

Harambee wants to support:
a) follow-up programme for pregnant mothers (prenatal consultations)
b) vaccination programme for children of 0 – 5 years
c) special vaccination programme for new cases of sickle cell anaemia diagnosed at neo-natal stage
d) Protection against malaria, which is endemic in the semi-rural districts around Kinshasa On the social side, profit-making activities for mothers will be promoted: dressmaking, soap-making, production of local dishes for sale, cultivation of family vegetable and fruit-growing plots, etc.
All of this will provide income for medical care, family expenses, etc. Furthermore, it will supply basic training for the promotion and dignity of women: literacy classes, elementary business management classes, etc.

Beneficiaries: 600 mothers and around 1000 children who will receive regular attention at three medical/social centres supported by Monkole General Hospital