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Promoted by: AFEDI committee
Duration: 1 year
Cost: 34.400 euros

The R.D. Congo has a surface area of 2,345,000 square kilometers and a population of about 60 million inhabitants.
30 million people (half of the population) has less than 15 years. Of these, fewer than 6 million people are educated, so that only 20% of children attending school. 4 out of 5 children do not attend at school. Of 4 not attending school, 3 are girls.
Primary education is free and compulsory by law, but the reality is that the State has no sufficient resources and teachers are underpaid.
The level of teaching is very low, partly due to the lack of teacher training and in part to the shortage of didactic materials.
This educational project in Kinshasa, promoted by a Congolese non-profit association “AFEDI” will create two educational centers: LIZIBA and BOZINDO, allowing an integrated and good level training through a personalized education and a continuous interaction with families.

Objective: creation of two schools for primary and maternal education. The project, which will last for one year, will involve 360 students (180 girls and 180 boys).