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Local Entity :
ISU – Moçambique
Synthetic data of the project :
Harambee contribution : € 32,891.00
Contribution from local organization (ISU) : € 15,500.00
Project Duration : 2003-2004The project was to recuperate and restore to use an abandoned building in order to create a Rural Family School and hold courses for 115 young people and 90 teachers, with indirect benefits to an ultimate population of 2,400. 70 villages have been involved so far in the project and 20 teachers have been trained.

Description of the project :
The project promoted the creation and support of a “Rural Family School” (Escola Familiar Rural, or EFA). A first school is planned to be built near Messano, and a further three schools will later be set up in areas yet to be decided. The project includes the training of teachers and administrators to work at the EFAs still to be built. Schools of this type differ from traditional ones and their educational advantages are especially suitable for this area. The basic novelty lies in the educational methodology which is that of work-based learning: periods of study at the school alternate with periods of work on the students’ own land. Teaching is given in small groups to guarantee personal attention. Parents have a fundamental role in the running of the school. The EFA system is characterized by: a personalized plan of study, validation of the results obtained by each pupil, and one-to-one tutorials. The overall objective is the social and economic development of different areas of Mozambique through a project designed primarily for skills training.