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Local Entity:

Action Monde Pour Tous – AMT


The upper North area of Cameroon is its poorest region and with the lowest level of education in the country. The majority of the population live in rural zones that lack educational structures. The current social situation harbors an attitude of resentment due to the poverty and lack of resources, which leads to a high level of emigration among the youth. In this context, the actions of Boko Haram create a feeling of fear and insecurity, obliging the inhabitants of the area to leave in massive exoduses, exposing them to the spread of disease, famine, food shortages, and destruction of social and family ties.


The hope is to equip this school with the educative materials it needs for the most basic levels. The books will be kept in the center and will be at the disposition of present and future students. This initiative already means a lot to the people, as it constitutes a message of hope for the future.


211 students: 111 boys and 100 girls attend the primary school

Harambee’s Contribution

€ 9.500