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Retina R.D.C

In the DR of the Congo, ranked among the poorest countries in sub-Saharan Africa, poverty, marginalization and discrimination represent barriers to access to inclusive education and so blind people are generally condemned to illiteracy and then unemployment.
Faced with this situation and within the framework of the right to education for all, Retina R.D.C. is engaged in a process of adapting the education system aimed at children and young people with visual impairments. The project intends to implement a framework of reflection on strategies and actions to promote the empowerment of visually impaired people, to develop a pedagogical methodology adapted to their needs; to support the schooling of children through the provision of pedagogical materials and also by contributing to the partial coverage of costs; to implement job training courses for visually impaired young people in the field of agriculture, music, pastry and crafts.

50 children and 100 visually impaired youth

Harambee contribution: 18.000 €