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Local Entity :
Fort Portal Diocese

Synthetic data of the project :
Harambee contribution : € 30,015.79
Contribution from local organization (Fort Portal Diocese) : € 3,335.09
Project Duration : 2003-2004

At the end of the period planned for the project, classrooms had been increased, a library and staffroom had been built, and the school infrastructure restored.

Description of the project :
The project was the completion of a secondary school, as a major reference-point for the area in which it is situated. The first stage consisted of improving the existing classrooms with plastering, flooring, and the installation of doors and windows, benches, chairs and a teacher’s desk. The school was equipped with a library so that the students can now use books to study with as well as the notes they take in class. Further, the project provided a staff-room and new teaching equipment.