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Diocese of Kitui


The project looks to support two missionary hospitals, Muthale and Mutomo, in the diocese of Kitui. In particular, Mutomo Mission Hospital is located 75 km from Kitui and is difficult to access because of its inadequate structure. It has 120 beds and provides emergency services, ultrasound radiology, laboratory, pharmacy as well as routine medical visits.

One of the problems faced by the medical team is being able to provide drinking water. For this reason, the project seeks to build a well-equipped electric pump. At the same time, the operating room is located in a place that lacks the necessary requirements and is very poorly equipped.
In the course of the project, they have foreseen a volunteer experience for medical students, coordinated by the Polish Harambee Committee.


Building a well


The hospital serves about 100,000 people.


20.000 Euros.