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Ponte di Umanità ONLUS

This NGO was founded by volunteers in the Diocesis of Albano Lazio (Province of Rome) to support and help missionary work in a village in Sierra Leone.


Semeraro School is located in the outskirts of the town of Makeni and is the only place where children can gather and socialize, in a country where 42% of the population is under 14 years of age. In the post-Ebola period, it is particularly important for people to return to normal life and share things with others; and also for increased support to families, to help them respond adequately to their children’s educational and health needs. The project is the prosecution of the activities implemented in 2016 thanks to Harambee support.


  • Inclusion of children at the Marcello Semeraro School (Nursery and Primary);
  • Support to the orphan girls at the Bording Home;
  • Cutting and sewing training courses for women.


85 children; 20 orphan girls; 20 women.

Harambee Contribution

20,000 Euro.