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Local Entity :
ECS – Women’s Board. Iloti, Ogun State
Harambee contribution: 35,718.75 €
Duration: 1 year

Description of the project :
Within 12 months, the board will undertake an activity aimed at improving the Health care services provided for the inhabitants of Iloti, in the State of Ogun. A campaign will also be implemented to promote the importance of medical treatment and the need to receive it with the purpose of reducing the mortality rate within the area. The project includes sending medicine to the region and ultrasound machines for diagnosis. 5000 people from all age groups are estimated to benefit from the project. Most of these people are illiterate and are predominantly from the Yoruba ethnic group. There are Ibos and Hausas.

House calls as well as free medical check ups for everybody in the area will be provided for. This population generally prefers traditional medicine and herbs to modern medical techniques in health centres. Thus, the task involves overcoming the resistance from patients to receive health care. One of the doctors at the General Hospital has offered to give a hand in the clinic. Courses on basic health care and hygiene have also been prepared and will be carried out in the areas around the clinic.