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Local Entity:

Kianda Foundation


Kilifi district (coastal region) is experiencing a strong surge in tourist activities and in its agricultural sector. The local population is not taking advantage of this opportunity for lack of technical knowledge and professional training, with the consequential phenomenon of marginalization and economic inequality. This situation nurtures attitudes of mistrust, indifference, and resignation among those who live in the area, all of which prevent growth or improvement in living conditions.


In 2010, the Kianda Foundation inaugurated the TEWA center for professional training directed at economically disadvantaged youth experiencing high levels of poverty in the Kilifi District. With this project, TEWA hopes to offer a solution by way of two programs aimed at the personal and professional future of the women who live in this district.

  1. Outreach Program: A program to improve the quality of life of the local female population through basic interdisciplinary courses: literacy, nutrition, hygiene, cooking, sewing, and maximization of crop and livestock yield, in Kuruwitu, Kibalawashe, Lusangani and Timboni.
  2. In-House Program: This course will be developed at the TEWA center and is directed at girls between 16 and 25 years old. The program includes a 12-month hospitality and catering course, accessible for all educational backgrounds.


“Outreach Program” – 200 women between 15 and 40 years old
“In-House Program” – 20 young women between the ages of 16 and 25

Harambee’s Contribution

€ 15.000