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Association Ivoirienne pour la Formation Universitaire et Professionnelle (AIFUP)

The Walé Medico-Social Center, promoted by AIFUP and partner of Harambee for several years, aims to provide quality medical care to a population that is extremely vulnerable due to economic and educational poverty.  The most widespread health problems are due to food insecurity but also to widespread ignorance about prevention and care. Moreover, the strong expansion of Walé’s activities requires continuous training of medical personnel to cope with a critical health situation. Therefore, the project wishes to implement a training program aimed at both health workers and the general public, especially mothers, teachers, pupils and students. Specifically, the aim is to: train and sensitize 50 women in community health leadership; train 500 mothers on hygiene practices and child nutrition; provide the nutritional components necessary for this training; strengthen the skills of 30 doctors and paramedics; and sensitize 500 students and 325 elementary school pupils in the city of Yamoussoukro.

Over 500 women; 30 doctors and paramedics; over 800 students and indirectly the entire community of Yamoussoukro.

Harambee contribution: 22.172 €