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Promoter Entity
Association for Social and Cultural Development – ADESC

The project region consists of 15 of the 80 villages in the province of Bingerville, within a 15 km radius around the Ilomba dispensary. The educational situation of girls at national level is still very precarious: tradition prevails over legislation and it is boys who have priority in the whole school process. Most women are illiterate: early maternity, agricultural work and housework prevent many girls from being educated. The rural school of Ilomba has developed programs to help women in the villages to take care of themselves and to escape from the situation of extreme poverty in which they live.

Literacy courses and basic vocational training for the creation of small informal businesses; training course in “Couture and Entrepreneurship” for the launch of economic initiatives in the field of tailoring; advanced vocational training program for the strengthening of self-employment of women between 18 and 40 years.


Direct target group: 80 young women.

Harambee contribution: 15,000 Euro