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Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture and Technology

Climate change has the greatest impact in the world’s poorest regions, where rain-fed agriculture supports millions of people.  Unless farmers are equipped with sufficient skills and techniques to deal with these looming disasters, food insecurity is the inevitable consequence. The YMCA Institute is therefore engaged in training programs targeting farmers in Kiambu County through the use of new agricultural technologies and techniques to sustainably improve agricultural productivity and increase food security. The project, in particular, will allow the realization of training courses for 200 vulnerable students from marginalized communities; refresher courses in demonstration farms for local farmers and students; the creation of 2 demonstration farms that will be used for the constant updating of farmers; the creation of a hydroponic demonstration farm within KYCAT; the development of technical manuals.

200 college students and 500 local farmers

Harambee contribution: 33.000 €