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Caritas of Lodwar – Diocese of Lodwar

The semi-arid county of Turkana (Lodwar) is the poorest and most marginalized in Kenya. Lack of infrastructure, lack of economic opportunities and lack of adequate basic services give the County the worst human development indicators in the country. Here, the schooling rate is the lowest and only half the children go to school, compared to 92% of the national average. For girls, early school leaving is even more likely and early marriages are a cause. Among the priorities of the Diocese of Lodwar is therefore the need to increase the number of children in school.

The aim is to support the Diocese of Lodwar to make education, which is a compulsory, available and accessible good for vulnerable children in Napetet. This will contribute to the creation of the school infrastructure necessary to provide primary education for children between 5 and 10 years of age, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

At least 150 children a year attending the Napetet Early Childhood Education Centre.

Harambee Contribution
42,600 EURO