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Promoter Entity
Strathmore University


In Kenya there are huge differences in the school system with some very high quality public schools and many others in poor condition and with insufficient staff. The sector is struggling with large numbers and what appears to be a crisis in teacher training institutions. Strathmore University, through its teacher programmes, has already had an impact on a number of regions. It seems an opportune moment to train at a higher level those who have shown exceptional development in their schools after doing a TEP (Teacher Enhancement Program).  This will increase and support the number of schools benefiting from these programmes.  The new Curriculum is competence based and uses the survey-based learning methodology.   Uganda is also adapting to this approach to basic education to combat inadequate teaching methods and the resulting poor student performance.

The project aims to train the Master Principal Trainers in Uganda and Kenya. The objective of the MPT is, through the training of school leaders, to bring basic and very practical teaching strategies to the classes of the selected schools. It provides for a method of chain training, in which the trainers become trainers in turn. The programme involves participants developing awareness of the importance of managing facilities and people in a more interactive and positive way.  Intensive training on the skills outlined in the new basic curriculum on the most effective teaching techniques and the use of research-based learning methods.

Direct target audience:
55 school leaders in Uganda and 25 school leaders in Kenya

Indirect target audience
: 55 schools in Uganda and 25 schools in Kenya for a total of about 40,000 children

Harambee contribution
: 20,000 Euro