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Local Entity:

Association G.E.C.A.R.
Synthetic data of the project:

Harambee contribution: € 35.999,62
Contribution from local entity: € 3.999,96
Project duration: 2003 – 2004

The project enabled many young people to receive basic IT training thanks to the computers purchased by the project. A multimedia studio has been set up and equipped which was a significant tool in teaching all sorts of different courses: crop-growing, animal-raising, carpentry and woodwork, etc.

Description of the project:

The project aimed to develop manual and technical skills in combination with conventional education. In order to provide this, an Information Technology service was set up in the CEMTR. Here, together with conventional academic subjects, students were offered courses in aspects of horticulture and related technologies; carpentry, joinery and woodwork; animal-raising, agriculture, and Information Technology, since “computer-literacy” is now as important as ordinary literacy.