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Associação Dignity Moçambique
A Mozambican non-profit association whose objectives are solidarity, promotion and civil and cultural development of young people in need.


The initiative is carried out in the community of Matambo, province of Tete, where the majority of the population is dedicated to subsistence agriculture, in response to the serious deficiencies of current agricultural processes that accentuate the food and nutritional problems of the population, inevitably causing health problems, social problems and inequality. At the same time, the action aims to counteract the rapid spread and unregulated use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are used, among other things, without specific preparation, compromising food quality and causing damage to health and the environment.

The project promotes family and youth entrepreneurship in the traditional agricultural sector, encouraging the development of innovative processes of learning and training (know-why, know-what) through the exchange of techniques and knowledge (know-how) in order to promote a responsible and sustainable, ecological and circular production. A first important objective will be to organize training and production in such a way as to ensure, through an appropriate rotation of local crops, the cultivation and availability of plants and vegetables throughout the year.

100 families from the community of Matambo, with the participation of at least 4 members each, who in the following phases will become trainers for others.

Harambee contribution
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