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Local Entity:
Strathmore University

Synthetic data of the project :
Harambee contribution : € 39,105.00
Contribution from local entity : € 4,345.00
Project duration : 2003 – 2004

-140 students attended courses
-114 students enrolled for exams
-20 students passed their exams
-24 studenti failed in only 1 subject
Description of the project :

Life in prison is not pleasant in any part of the world, and in a poor country like Kenya, it can be appalling. Prisoners frequently suffer from apathy, depression and related disorders. This is due to the conditions of their life, which is not only hard in itself but offers no chance of improving their situation. Sometimes these circumstances lead them to commit still worse crimes. The project’s goal, therefore, was to offer courses to prisoners through Strathmore University’s Department of Distance Learning, so that “prisons in Kenya, at least for some of the inmates, might become a school of life-training.” The opportunity of high-quality learning was given to those prisoners who expressed an interest in education. Strathmore University entered on an agreement with the Ministry for Internal Affairs for the planning and development of one-year accountancy and law courses for 150 students. This project helps the reintegration of prisoners into society on release, giving them a qualification that enables them to get a job and support a family.