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Local Entity:

Operation Rescue ORE


Ethiopia finds itself before the phenomenon of the migration of its youth, which is why the government is putting a plan into action to fight against youth unemployment in the leading sectors of the economy, such as construction, agriculture, and business.

In this context, in tune with government directives, this project contributes to an improvement of the living conditions of its youth, leading to their employment in local communities, in order to avoid forced emigration.


The project will be carried out in Mekele, which is found in the Tigray region (780 km north of Addis Abeba). The project consists in providing work for 50 youth each year in construction projects, as the demand is high and the supply, low. The instructors and professors are local and work in this sector. The activities foreseen include:

  • Establishment of a management team to follow and evaluate the project
  • Development of a yearly operative plan and distribution of tasks
  • Analysis of abilities and training needs of the 50 youth selected
  • Attainment of equipment for the laboratories and production
  • Organization of trimestral training courses in block and brick production
  • Training on the job
  • Orientation seminar on how to set-up cooperatives and micro-businesses
  • Marketing activities
  • Setting up production units and sustainability support plans
  • Follow-up and evaluation


50 young people

Harambee’s Contribution

€ 34.600