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Local Entity :
CEFA – Centre de Formation et Appui Sanitaire
Synthetic data of the project :
Harambee contribution : € 36,974.34
Contribution from local organization (CEFA) : € 4,108.26
Project Duration : 2003-2004

The project has held several information and training sessions, at national level, on sickle-cell anemia in the Congo. These sessions involved hospital doctors, officials from the Congolese Ministry of Health, nurses, medical students, journalists, and various associations working in the campaign against sickle-cell anemia.

Description of the project :
The aim of the project was to support the national campaign against sickle-cell anemia through health education and the training of specialized health workers. Experience on the ground shows that the effects of sickle-cell anemia can be drastically reduced once people are made aware, informed and technically prepared. Informing parents and young couples of the possibility that their baby may have sickle-cell anemia is a basic step to enable them to take responsibility for early diagnosis through neo-natal checks, and consequently, for better protection. This last aspect cannot be provided without the assistance of workers with the appropriate technical training. The training of medical and paramedical personnel is indispensable to achieve the objectives of the national campaign against sickle-cell anemia, and in particular to integrate the present program into the primary health care provision and into the standard health protection measures of the country’s health system.