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Local Entity:
Diocése Catholique de CyanguguSynthetic data of the project
Harambee contribution: € 20,269.00
Contribution from local entity: € 9,841.00
Project duration: 2003 – 2004The project enabled families of orphan children in the area of Cyangugu to receive major help towards future employment. Thanks to the project 100 orphaned children were identified and given pigs to raise for market, providing them with profitable work and re-introducing this livestock into the area from which it had completely disappeared during the civil war. At the same time the children received training in pig-raising and pig-sties built as part of the project.

Description of the project :
The programme looked to sustain families who had adopted orphaned children. Some of these children have become heads of families themselves, but have no relations to help them. Experience over the past years has shown the need for such orphans to raise pigs for different reasons: the scarcity of pigs in the area, the possibility of producing pigs that can be sold in a short period, the ease of finding waste products in the country to feed pigs on, the growing demand for pork and pork products in the area, and the possibility of a pig-raising expert and a vet provided by the diocese. The programme aimed to recruit 100 orphans at the heads of their families, selecting them from among those most in need and with the capacity to engage in pig-raising.