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Promoter Entity
Initiatives Paysannes pour le Developpement Integral – IPDI – Kitemo asbl


The city of Kinshasa has seen a population explosion in the last twenty years due to the crisis in all areas of social life. Men, women and children of all ages have moved into the city without knowing if they would have found a job. In this precarious economic situation, children and young people are the ones who have paid the most: families are no longer able to provide them with the most basic rights such as education, health and family protection; they inevitably end up on the streets.
Kitemo asbl aims to give a second chance to street children in Kinshasa who have dropped out of school. The aim is to give them a way out of illegality by offering them training so that they can learn a profitable trade and secure a better future.

Project 1:
For 18 months, 10 young women who have agreed to leave the street and decided to reintegrate into their families and reconcile with their parents, will receive training in sewing, literacy and numeracy. The Talitakoum centre will provide each girl with a sewing machine, fabrics and equipment to help her start her production.

Project 2:
Training course in building construction technique in BTC (blocks of compressed and stabilized raw earth) in order to use an ecological model, durable and low-cost thanks to the manual press.

Target group: 10 young women and 10 young men

Harambee contribution: 5,850 Euro