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Local partner:Education Coalition and Santé pour Tous-CEST
Duration:1 year

Background: Les Hauts-Plateaux is comprised mostly of farmers who have little land and few technical skills. Logone and Chari are among the poorest regions in the country. Both zones are characterized by their inadequate education system, including a serious lack of qualified teachers, equipment and supplies. A primary school education ends with many students still unable to read, write and do the most elementary mathematical calculations in a satisfactory manner.

Objective: While the goal is to improve the quality of education for nearly 1000 children in the affected areas, the immediate objective will be to provide 275 teachers in 10 different schools with the necessary professional formation to begin to effect change. In addition, pedagogy manuals will be created and distributed to an additional 1,000 educators and also made available on the CEST website. A school book distribution plan will be established to furnish 1185 books to more than 600 children of families with the most serious needs. Finally, scholarships will be awarded to 100 top students by year-end.

-275 professors who will assist in the formation courses.
-100 students who will benefit from the scholarships
-600 children who will benefit from the school books distributed.
-All those who will have a free use of the pedagogical manuals.