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-Institute of Nursing Sciences, ISSI, Rep. Dem. of the Congo
-Walé Health Center, Ivory Coast

In the first phase of the emergency, it was possible to offer help to the partner health structures (Monkole Hospital Centre and Institute of Nursing Sciences-ISSI in the DR Congo; Walé Health Centre in the Ivory Coast and Niger Foundation Hospital in Nigeria) by providing personal protective equipment, intensive care equipment and distance learning; awareness campaigns were also promoted in the most peripheral areas to combat the spread of the virus.

At a later stage, help was provided to ensure continuity in the training of medical and nursing staff; equipment was purchased to carry out tests and analyses; the existing infrastructure was improved for better distancing; and home health care was strengthened. From 2020 to the first half of 2021, thanks to the efforts of the various Harambee Committees around the world, € 83,435 was raised.

In constant contact with local health structures and thanks to monitoring activities, the Harambee appeal constantly responds to the urgent and real needs of the populations it addresses.
The third phase of the emergency campaign therefore has the following objectives:

DR Congo. Institute of Nursing Sciences – ISSI
ISSI trains around 200 qualified nurses per year ready to assist the population of the Mont-Ngafula area, and other parts of the country, in the most critical emergency situations.
renovation of spaces and ventilation devices to ensure a safer and more suitable environment for learning.
Cost = € 13,800

Ivory Coast. Walé Health Centre
Walé serves a population of about 65,000 in the Yamoussoukro suburban area. It provides at least 700 visits a day and quality services at an affordable price.
distribution of supplements, milk powder, flours and malt to combat child malnutrition.
Cost= € 10 per kit per person
sickle cell anaemia treatment
Cost= € 23 per month per person