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-Institute of Nursing Sciences, ISSI, Rep. Dem. of the Congo
-Walé Health Center, Ivory Coast
-Niger Foundation Hospital, Nigeria

Following the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa, Harambee launched an emergency campaign to support partner hospitals particularly dedicated to assisting the most vulnerable segments of the population. In a first phase, it was possible to ensure personal protective equipment, equipment for intensive care and distance learning, hygiene materials and awareness campaigns were promoted in the most peripheral places.

The second phase of the Emergency Campaign responds to the most recent needs that have emerged and to the challenges that hospitals are facing in a context of serious social and economic crisis of the population, following the measures adopted by governments to counter the spread of the Virus. In particular, the aim is to ensure continuity in the training of aspiring nurses in Kinshasa; to provide equipment to carry out tests and analyses at the Niger F. Hospital in Enugu and to strengthen home health care in the Yamoussoukro area.

Harambee Contribution
5.000 € = support for the training of aspiring nurses for 4 years (R. D. Congo);
9.000 € = purchase of equipment for analysis and testing (Nigeria)
15.000 € = home health care (Ivory Coast)