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Local Entity

Centre Congolaise de Culture de Formation et de Développement – CECFOR


Demographic studies of Congo from 2013/2014 showed the infant mortality rate to be at 28 deaths per every 1.000 live births, with the maternal mortality rate at 846 deaths for every 100.000 deliveries. Annual health spending is $24 per person. Medical expenses in the country are to be paid up-front in the case of public or private entities. For this reason, expectant mothers tend not to resort to healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth, preferring instead to depend on the help of neighbors and in places completely deprived of appropriate hygienic conditions. The economic difficulty is not the only problem: culturally, gestation and childbirth are looked at as simply a natural phenomenon whose dangers and future consequences tend to be thus underestimated.


Monkole hospital wants to offer medical attention to 400 pregnant women each year, in 3 locations – Eliba, Kimbondo and Moluka – all situated in rural areas. The assistance includes a health service called “Forfait Mama” which includes laboratory tests, ultrasounds, medicines, preventive antimalarial treatment, etc. The future mother would have to follow the indications given by her personal doctor. In this way, she will have the opportunity to deliver the baby in Monkole Hospital for free. The neonatal unit at Monkole will help the baby in its first year of life, assuring care against congenital diseases, receiving vaccinations and attention in the weaning phase.


400 pregnant women and 400 babies

Harambee’s Contribution

€ 40.000