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Promoter Entity
Lwannda Community Development Initiatives – LCDI


The LCDI aims to improve women’s livelihoods through the training and development of agricultural value chains capable of modernising agriculture, in particular for the start-up of new businesses. In modern solar drying all environmental and biotic factors are controlled and rapid drying leads to high quality marketable products.  Mushroom and pumpkin markets are a guarantee in Uganda and, if export volumes are added, women’s groups will be able to quickly follow the value chain of these products.

– Increase the areas of production of pumpkin and mushrooms and the corresponding production activities;
– Improve the nutrition of families in Uganda through the cultivation of pumpkins and mushrooms;
– Increase the value of the pumpkin through the transformation and packaging of fresh seeds and leaves into fresh products and exportable flour;
– Increase the value of mushrooms through the development of compost and the marketing of fresh and dry products;
– Develop women’s skills in agronomic practices, post-harvest management, marketing and quality management through the improvement of a training center at LCDI, Masaka district.
Two teachers will hold 2 weeks of training on post-harvest processing of mushrooms and pumpkins (drying with modern solar dryers, small and medium enterprises, quality packaging materials) and on the development of skills to support women in business.

Target group: 400 women

Harambee contribution: 6,600 Euro