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Promoter entity
National Secretariat of Catholic Teaching / Rwanda’s Episcopal Conference

In Rwanda, the widespread problem of unwanted pregnancies in girls has serious consequences, as these girls are forced to leave school, become marginalized and live in a state of perpetual shame. Even children are not welcome and have a future marked by discrimination, even though mothers have been abused and are not absolutely responsible for the incident. The Rwandan government is implementing a series of actions to combat the phenomenon, but there is still much to be done. The project, in collaboration with the local Episcopal Conference, aims to ensure the professional training of young mothers in the area of ​​Kigali, Butare and Ruhengeri to facilitate their recruitment in small businesses.

Providing professional training courses for single mothers in local companies, at a theoretical and practical level, to facilitate their labor insertion.

Recipients: 75 single mothers

Harambee’s Contribution: € 18,000