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Media for Peace

Three organizations (Africafriends, Signis Service Rome, and Peace Words) have formed a network whose aim is to work for peace by incentivizing the sharing of knowledge and strengthening of rights by developing the media and audiovisual projects in African states that are experiencing conflict or are currently transitioning from a state of armed or social conflict; and that are most affected by economic, cultural and social isolation and recession.


DFor the past eighteen years the island of Zanzibar has hosted a major East African film festival. For nine days each July the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) offers a feast of African film, music and art to locals and visitors from abroad. Socio-educational films are also shown in some rural locations, each watched by some 800 people, especially young people and women, for whom the film projection becomes a social gathering.
The aim of this project is to promote and support these educational events and contribute to the social and cultural development of the women and young people of Zanzibar.

The project includes:

Organising 5 filmshows per year in each of 5 designated villages
A total of 25 itinerant filmshows, each with an audience of 600 to 800 people.
Training a project director and 3 assistants to fulfil the aims of the project competently


At least 600 people per filmshow (65% young people and women) in the villages of Nungwui, Dunga, Kitogani, Fujoni and Unguja, on Zanzibar.

Harambee Contribution

3.000 Euro.